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Wood furniture is used by almost everybody because of various reasons. Wood furniture represented the solution for our ancestors who got tired of sleeping on rocks. Since recently many other materials are being used to replace the wood. Yet, real wood furniture remains the most used kind of furniture. We all prefer wood furniture because of its beautiful aspect and its durability. Anyhow, this does not mean that different types of wood furniture are of the same quality. It depends on factors such as the way wood furniture is manufactured, the way the wood is transformed and the wood itself.

For manufacturing furniture there are used three kinds of wood: hardwoods, softwoods and composites. The terms "hard" and "soft" do not refer to the density of the wood but to the way the tree reproduces. In what concerns the quality, the best ones are hardwood trees. They are more durable than softwoods and have various colors, from the darkest to the lightest. This is why wood furniture based on hardwoods - such as oak or cherry - is more expensive than wood furniture manufactured from softwood. Besides, softwood furniture needs more care than hardwood furniture does. It is not as beautiful as hardwood furniture because it is more probable to get scratched and the wood's aspect is considerably changing in a bad way. Softwood such as the pine is mainly used in construction but the better parts of it are used for wood furniture.

The cheapest kind of lumber used for wood furniture is represented by the composites. The reason is that composites do not naturally grow; they are artificially manufactured by people. Composites are obtained by using different methods, which leads to their classification: plywood, particles board, hardboard and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The hardest one is the MDF and the strongest composite used for wood furniture is plywood.


Choosing a kind of wood furniture should not be that hard, you simply have to keep in mind a few things: what is your budget and how does the space where you plan to place the wood furniture looks like. If you combine them with your tastes and if you are open to ask for a specialist's advice, you can definitely find the perfect wood furniture for you. If you have enough money, it is recommended for you to purchase hardwood furniture. Hardwood furniture's quality is worth any sum of money because it could last for decades. Besides, though many kinds of wood seem to look just like hardwood, real hardwood furniture is easy to be recognized because of its beautiful color and stain.

You can make your house the place you get more relaxed than anywhere else by choosing the right wood furniture. Wood is the friendliest and comfortable material meant for furniture. You can give your house a rustic aspect but also a contemporaneous one. It only depends on your tastes and on the money you are willing to spend for it. Anyhow hardwood furniture remains the most appreciated kind of wood furniture.

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