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Antique furniture represents the furniture for the interior that is very old, which makes it also rare. It does not only have a practical importance but it is also very important as decorative art and it often has symbolic meaning. Collecting antique furniture is a great passion for some people but not all of them know very well how to recognize the original antique furniture. This is a problem because many people are fooled by the sellers and pay a great amount of money for a fake. It is true that this passion is costly and if you hang on it you do that because you have money. That certainly does not mean that you have to pay a lot for something that is worth much less.

This is why you should know what to look for when you intend to buy antique furniture. If you are not sure about your knowledge then ask someone's advice. You do not have to necessarily know many things about antique furniture. There are small details that can show you whether a piece is or it is not antique furniture. If you complete some small steps you can assure that the furniture you intend to buy is really antique furniture.

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The first thing you should start with is the measure. In time, the wood shrinks and makes the piece of furniture lose its uniformity. For example, a table should not be completely round, but with some small fissures. Also you should take a close look at the wood so that you can clearly see the cracks that appear as time goes by. Search for any deformation and flexion that can show you that the furniture is really antique furniture. The old wood should also have an irregular color caused by the way it was exposed to the light in time. Antique furniture will definitely have some clear differences in coloring. Check carefully the material and if you see distinct contrasts in color you know that this is antique furniture. Also take a good look at the frames under the tapestry for changes.

If you want to know whether some parts of the piece of furniture were changed or not than take a good look at the wood. For example the differences between the legs of a chair and the rest of the furniture piece can surely be seen. Also you can easily observe the differences in style. If a piece is new you can realize that it is not antique furniture because of the way it was constructed. Although many new pieces imitate antique furniture, the difference is not that hard to be noticed.

If you take care of the details like the fact that the colors or the texture are never uniform it will not be hard to see whether what you have in front of you is antique furniture or not. Anyhow, considering the fact that it surely costs a lot, it is better for you to ask for a friend who knows more to help you. If the supposed antique furniture is very expensive then it is recommended to use a specialist that could easier advice you about what kind of furniture is the one you intend to buy.

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